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Innovative Microbial Technology on the Way for Mexican Corn Growers Thanks to New Partnership

Indigo Ag and leading Mexico fertilizer distributor ISAOSA have announced their intent to bring Indigo’s microbial technology to corn growers in Mexico for the first time, according to a release.

Indigo 30 — a microbial product included in Indigo’s biotrinsic portfolio — has been proven to enhance crop yields of corn. For the first time, the novel formulation will allow Indigo 30 to mix directly with fertilizer, resulting in a significant expansion of the window of application for the product for farmers. Commercial launch is set to occur in the first half of 2024 after the registration process has been completed.

“We are delighted to have formed this partnership with ISAOSA. The results of multiple trials have demonstrated significant yield improvements for corn growers,” commented Georg Goeres, Indigo Ag’s global commercial biologicals licensing lead. “This novel formulation, which is incredibly hard to achieve, enables Indigo 30 to be directly mixed with fertilizer for the first time. This significantly broadens the window of application for the farmers as well as creating new market opportunities for Indigo to work with fertilizer producers.”

With a collection composed of over 36,000 microbial strains, Indigo has proven to be a global leader that harnesses plant microbiome’s potential for growers across the globe to improve yield while lessening the utilization of additional inputs.

A letter of intent has been agreed upon by Indigo and ISAOSA that reflects the proposed partnership. The two companies will enter a formal agreement in 2023. The proposed agreement declares ISAOSA the exclusive distributer of Indigo 30 in Mexico and adds the product to its fertilizer portfolio, further enhancing the performance for growers.

Indigo and ISAOSA have conducted a multitude of trials throughout the past 2 years that have shown a significant improvement in yield with the combination of Indigo 30 and existing ISAOSA products.

“We are very pleased to develop new technologies in partnership with Indigo Ag to enhance our portfolio with innovative products, that help farmers to increase yields and are in line with our drive for sustainability in Mexican agriculture,” said Stefan Strietzel, ISAOSA’s managing director.