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Growth by Design

At Kannar Earth Science, Ltd., we take pride in every innovation and technology we bring to market. Our highlights are those breakthroughs that support our objectives. However, we also recognize the risk of being shaped only by one’s successes rather than remaining primarily intentional about our future. For us, the temptation to be distracted by success is palpable, especially with big wins that promote our core purpose. To help combat the risk of misguided identity and effort, we focus not on what we do or historical outcomes, but instead we lead ourselves by being mindful of who are today and who we wish to become. Let me explain:

We start by recognizing who we are today and then identifying who we wish to become. Then, within our company, we welcome honesty and foster continual personal transformation. This journey is fueled by the calling to lead ourselves and the company well. Once strategic direction of the company is identified, it is up to individuals’ passion and personal ambitions to determine how to support achieving our company milestones. The result is that our individual to-do lists in fact support our collective direction while simultaneously bringing about a high degree of personal fulfillment in life.

But that’s not all, we found that this intentional and individualized planning prepares us for unexpected obstacles or even life events. We are better prepared for individual or corporate challenges thanks the support within the workplace and the clarity on our individual and collective strengths, passions, and purposes.

To help foster continued insight into who we are today and who we wish to become, we meet at least twice each year as a company. We call these full day sessions our ‘Growth by Design’ planning sessions. During our Growth by Design sessions, we identify any toxic company mindsets and behaviors and replace them with wholesome mindsets. We also ask ourselves key questions that, when answered honestly, reveal our truer selves. Any disconnect between who we are today and who we wish to become is identified and leads to our individualized focus areas. We believe we have to lead ourselves well if we wish to lead the agricultural industry with solutions.

 As for me, I identify my current role as a catalyst for lasting positive changes, and I see my future role as a multiplier of those positive changes. How do I become that multiplier? What are the things in my mindset… in my subconscious… in my passion profile… that I need to pay attention to, really? Further, what are the internal tensions that could support or sideline my intention and direction? Those are the type of questions that we wrestle with continually. 

Our hope and belief is for every team member to be able to conclude: “I’m where I want to be, thankfully so, and despite various unforeseen challenges,” and, “the grass is greenest right where I am thanks to the investment I make in myself.”