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Agmatix Announces Partnership with NASA Harvest

Agmatix, an AgTech company that turns agronomic data into models and insights to share with farms, announced a partnership with NASA Harvest according to a release. NASA Harvest is NASA’s global Food Security and Agriculture Consortium and supports sustainable crop production at the field level and reduces the impact of climate change.

Ground sampling and remote sensing data will be used to help farmers transition to more sustainable agriculture. The partnership will also follow farmers efforts to improve their conservation management while guiding them to improve sustainably levels.

“According to the World Economic Forum, sustainable agriculture practices must triple in order to prevent climate change,” said Ron Baruchi, CEO of Agmatix. “Currently, adoption is hindered by a lack of consistent and acceptable measurements at scale. Our collaboration will promote resilient agriculture beginning with smallholder farms in India and commercial farms in Brazil, and lead to further expansion worldwide.”

“NASA Harvest is excited to partner with Agmatix to advance the use of satellite-based information to help inform on-farm decisions which can ultimately result in increased resilience while reducing waste,” said Inbal Becker-Reshef, NASA Harvest director.

NASA Harvest will provide insight on remote sensing for agriculture and use tools developed by the consortium. These tools and insight combined with data from Agmatix will be processed using proprietary AI algorithm. The information will help farmers make more informed decisions that will especially impact sustainably through cover crop selection and fertilizer application.

“Our collaboration will help food manufacturers meet consumer expectations for more sustainably sourced products,” added Baruchi.