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Roger and Indigo Ag Collaborate to Help Farmers

Indigo Ag has joined the Roger’s bulk truck management ecosystem as a customer according to a release. Working together will allow them to combine knowledge and expertise to help provide new and innovative solutions to current and future customers like farmers, grain supplier, carriers, processors, food companies, and beyond.

Both Indigo’s current and future customers can benefit the benefits of the Roger platform if they sign up like optimizing truck logistics, transparency with truck movement and visualization of documentation to settle grain positions with farmers and grain suppliers. They can also reduce supply chain costs and use the Roger IQ dashboards to make decisions. Indigo’s customers can also approve pass key truck load information to go directly to Indigo to increase accuracy and speed of data.

“Transportation is a critical component of the agricultural supply chain and driving efficiency and transparency across that first grain trade is critically important to our agricultural grain and input partners and their farmer customers,” said Ron Hovsepian, Indigo Ag president and CEO. “With Roger, we have found a partner that will help us deliver a unique benefit for our customers today and in the future that will help them make better decisions, increase their profits and improve the accuracy of their data.”

“We look forward to working with Indigo and their customers to manage their supply chain transportation needs and costs, while enhancing their ability to adhere to greenhouse gas protocols, thus growing revenues for farmers and grain companies,” said Jeff Schreiner, Roger’s CEO.