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Planet Based Foods Goes International

Planet Based Foods Global Inc. announced the formation of a UK subsidiary called PBF Europe LTD which will start selling in the European markets according to a release. Planet Based Foods Global Inc. is the parent company of Planet Based Foods, and they will continue their U.S. operations while establishing the subsidiary in new territories internationally.

“This is a groundbreaking announcement for Planet Based Foods, and should come as no surprise for those that have been following our growth these past few months,” Planet Based Foods CEO and co-founder Braelyn Davis said. “We’re excited to introduce some key personnel that will assist the company in establishing its foothold in Europe. From there, we’ll be looking to partner with renowned distributors and producers in the food and beverage technology space to elevate us to the next echelon not only in Europe but beyond as well.”

The company’s UK operations has the same goals as the U.S. operation, which is to establish an ethically sustainable system for food. Planet Based Foods works alongside local growers to source their core ingredient, hemp. The company is looking forward to continuing to promote sustainable food systems while contributing to the UK’s agricultural sector.

Jason Smith’s advisory services will be used to establish the European presence. Smith is a business development consultant who specializes in the area of alternative food systems like plant-based foods. He has been in the SME sector for almost a decade and has worked with many businesses to help them navigate the European food service and manufacturing sectors.

Planet Based Foods is planning to replicate their business-to-consumer model while potentially added more business-to-business opportunities.