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Iowa Soybean Research Center Welcomes Sound Agriculture as Partner

On April 19, Sound Agriculture joined the Iowa Soybean Research Center (ISRC) at Iowa State University as an industry partner. In the role, Sound Agriculture will serve on the ISRC’s industry advisory council, which provides guidance on research needs and funding priorities, according to a release.

“As a company, we are dedicated to advancing soybean research to support farmers through science-based recommendations,” said Erin Doren, agronomist, Sound Agriculture. “By working with the Iowa Soybean Research Center, we aim to identify ways to optimize the natural plant system and improve nutrient efficiency, productivity and profitability for farmers.”

For Greg Tylka, director of the ISRC and a professor of plant pathology, entomology and microbiology at Iowa State, the new partnership will provide the ISRC with new perspectives and better advice for research.

“Sound Agriculture’s innovative work with microbes and plant breeding is fascinating. Their perspectives and experiences will be extremely useful in discussions by the ISRC Industry Advisory Council about how center-funded research can help Iowa’s soybean farmers achieve higher yields. We are excited to work with this forward-thinking company,” he said.

In addition to new perspectives, Sound Agriculture will also provide financial support to the center to support soybean research at the university.

“We welcome Sound Agriculture as the center’s latest industry partner and look forward to gaining their valuable perspective in identifying ways to enhance soybean production. Ultimately, we have a shared goal of providing robust agronomic systems and environmentally sustainable solutions to benefit Iowa’s soybean farmers and consumers,” said Christie Wiebbecke, senior director of research for the Iowa Soybean Association and chair of the IISRC’s industry advisory council.