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How Does Seed Tie Back to the Consumer? Here’s 5 Examples.

The effect of the inflation rate on prices

As members of the seed sector, we understand how seed is the base of all life — it’s the first building block to create a successful food chain. It can be difficult, though, to remember all the ways the seed industry connects back to the consumer.

Want to better understand and communicate how seed affects everyone in their homes eating food? Keep these articles in mind.

1. You must start at the seed level to produce food.

When it comes to food, quality in the grocery stores is imperative. But how do you achieve that quality? Experts say you must start with the most important part: a healthy seed. Listen to this Seed Speaks episode about why consumers should care about certified seed.

2. Do breeding techniques matter? Consumers seem open to gene editing.

As the seed sector strives to get timely information out about new breeding techniques, such as gene editing, it can be hard to get a gauge on the consumer perspective. Are consumers really worried about gene editing? Experts say it’s quite the opposite: consumers are excited for new seed and breeding innovations. Read more about how consumers are responding to new gene edited foods hitting the market.

3. When it comes to information in the grocery store, more is better!

There’s a lot of decisions consumers are making on a day-to-day basis at the grocery store. Do you need to buy organic produce? What does it mean when something has a non-GMO sticker on it? How does this factor into my diet? When it comes down to it, two experts on Seed Speaks say the more information consumers have to make choices, the better.

4. Do consumers really need to know about farmers and the weather?

As an industry, we know how much weather can affect the different crops we’re producing. A drought can produce less yield, a flood can wipe out a crop… Mother Nature isn’t always the nicest beast to mess with! But why should consumers understand how weather affects crops? Well, because it could affect their grocery shelves. Make sure to catch up on the Seed Speaks conversation.

5. As prices change for the sector, prices and habits change in the grocery store.

There’s a lot that goes on in terms of consumer choice towards a variety. And there are numerous events — the invasion of Ukraine, aftereffects of COVID-19, etc. — causing a bit of havoc to our economy. How do agriculture economics, the seed industry, and consumer choice in the grocery store overlap? Well, it all comes down to prices and finances. Make sure to read part one and two of why grocery store prices are soaring, and how consumers are reacting to them.