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How Has Tech Driven Farmers Forward?

How is agtech taking us to the future? What even is agtech and how does it help farmers and growers be better suited to today’s world? Farmers and growers use technology in many different ways and the impact it has on producing is shaping the future.

Agtech has helped allow for farming in challenging conditions that were once unfarmable. Adapting and taking on new technology can pose a different type of challenge. Do the benefits outweigh the challenges?

On Wednesday, June 7, Seed Speaks has four panelists joining to talk about agtech and how it helps farmers and growers today:

Joseph Byrum, chief data scientist at Principal Financial Group. Bryum joined Principal Financial Group after over a decade with Syngenta. Principal Financial Group is an investment management group based out of Iowa. Bryum is now utilizing artificial intelligence to problem solve.

Daniel Corey, owner of Daniel J. Corey Farms. Corey started Daniel J. Corey Farms in 1986. In 2007, Corey became the first seed potato exporter. His operations expand across the U.S. and include potatoes, wheat, trees and more. Having received the Young Farmer of the Year award in 1992, Corey is well versed in technology and uses regenerative agriculture practices around his operations.

Harley Janssen, vice president product and operations for AGI Digital. Janssen oversees the management of the combined team’s customer support and success operations, product management team, the varying engineering resources from software, electrical, firmware to mechanical and the company’s Kansas City-based manufacturing operations. This team is driving a technology roadmap focused on delivering automation and innovation to enable growers, ag retailers and trusted partners to optimize crops and operations at field, fleet and bin-levels. With 20 years of expertise in agriculture, construction, and off-road technology, Janssen provides a wealth of boots-on-the ground knowledge about how agriculture’s physical infrastructure continues to intersect with agriculture’s increased need for data and the ever-emerging digital acre. At AGI, Janssen is focused on adding value to crops and helping to transform the industry for growers, ag retailers and trusted partners across the ag-food value chain.

Chris Paterson, board of director member for several Agriculture and Technology Operations. Paterson has been involved with farming, agronomy and agribusiness his whole life. Whether he is working with a global strategic company or an early stage innovation company, he leads by focusing on strategy, innovation, and connecting the right ideas to the right motivated people.