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The 2 Andys Talks About the Value of the Borlaug Scholarship

Andrew Herr and Andrew Horgan are two former Borlaug Scholars who are attending this week’s meeting of the National Association of Plant Breeders in Greenville, SC. Seed World Group senior editor Marc Zienkiewicz sat down with them to talk about why the scholarship was of value to them and what they’re up to today.

As an undergrad, Herr had the privilege of being selected as one of the first scholars in 2018, the first year of the program.

“Initially, I applied for this opportunity because I had developed a growing interest in plant breeding during my undergraduate studies. Some faculty members at Iowa State University, where I was studying, encouraged me to apply for the Borlaug scholarship, and I was fortunate enough to be chosen,” he said.

To be honest, he says he didn’t have a clear understanding of what the Borlaug scholarship entailed when I first applied. It seemed like an exciting prospect, but even the organizers themselves didn’t have all the details at that time. Nevertheless, participating in the program turned out to be a fantastic networking opportunity.

“During the conference for Borlaug scholars, held in 2018, I had the chance to meet my current advisor, Aaron Carter, from Washington State University,” Herr says.

This encounter was serendipitous, as it led to my eventual acceptance into graduate school and the discovery of some amazing programs. He’s incredibly grateful for being a Borlaug scholar that first year and for the significant role it played in shaping my academic journey.

Horgan, a scholar in 2022, first became aware of the Borlaug Scholarship through an advertisement he stumbled upon. Additionally, a couple of friends had previously been Borlaug scholars, and they spoke highly of the experience.

“They emphasized that it was a fantastic opportunity to establish valuable connections and benefit from the mentorship program,” he says. Intrigued by their positive feedback, he decided to seize the opportunity and apply for the scholarship.

Looking back, it has been an amazing journey since then. Being a Borlaug scholar has provided him with numerous benefits and opportunities.

“The connections I’ve made with fellow scholars and mentors have been invaluable. The mentorship program, in particular, has been immensely helpful in guiding me and providing support throughout my academic endeavors. “I can confidently say that participating in the Borlaug scholarship has been a truly enriching and rewarding experience.”