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CaixaBank and Biome Makers Collaborate to Promote More Sustainable Agriculture

Biome Makers and AgroBank announced their collaboration to help bring access to Biome Makers’ BeCrop technology to farmers while innovating with soil data and AI financed by the bank, including a commercial pilot, according to a release. Biome Makers is an AgTech company that specializes in biological analysis of soil. AgroBank is CaixaBank’s business line that is directed at agri-food activity.

The two companies started their relationship at the International Agrotech Ventures Program organized by the European Innovation Council and CaixaBank. At the program, Biome Makers won an award for its BeCrop technology.

“We are excited about this collaboration and the possibilities it offers farmers,” said Adrian Ferrero, cofounder, and CEO at Biome Makers. “Farmers and CaixaBank customers will now have the opportunity to use BeCrop technology with zero-cost financing, which the entire agricultural industry will benefit from, gaining crucial biological soil data to inform their decision-making process.”

Both companies appreciate the importance of soil health, mitigating the impacts of climate change and keeping food production sustainable. The partnership agreement has CaixaBank offering to finance BeCrop Test as part of a commercial pilot. BeCrop Test is a soil biology analysis using BeCrop technology. Biome Makers will provide guidance to AgroBank customers when using its technology and how to use the information to improve productivity while decreasing costs.

“We are very pleased with this agreement. We believe that improving and recovering soil health is a key factor in improving agricultural sustainability, which is so important for feeding the population in a sustainable way and mitigating climate change,” said Jaime Campos, director of AgroBank at CaixaBank.

The agreement will promote soil health in Spain while also helping farmers to increase productivity in a sustainable manner.