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Gro Alliance Says its Sustainability Practices will be Third-Party Validated

Gro Alliance announced that it has enrolled in the Leading Harvest program, making it the “first seed production company working to certify its sustainability practices to the Leading Harvest Farmland Management Standard,” according to a news release.

Gro Alliance is committed to sustainability to benefit every link in the supply chain. The goal is to use climate-smart practices that improve the quality of the soil while reducing runoff and fuel usage. The sustainability practices in place are benefiting clients by increasing quality and yield in seeds, the company said.

“Sustainable seed production practices are imperative for the future of our business, the health of American farmland and the improvement of the broader environment,” said Jim Schweigert, president of Gro Alliance. “Our efforts will connect the entire seed and grain supply chain with sustainable practices that add value to the end-users and meet customers’ preferences for sustainably produced food, fuel and ag products.”

Fortune magazine shared in May 2023 that over 90% of the S&P 500 are sharing ESG reports for review by their employees, customers and investors — meaning that sustainability does matter.

“Our entire food system starts with the seed. It is important for food and ag companies to pay attention to not only how ingredients are grown but how seeds are grown,” said Kenny Fahey, president and CEO of Leading Harvest. “We are thrilled to have Gro Alliance enroll as the first seed production company working to certify its practices to our Farmland Management Standard.”