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CSGA’s President on Why Digital Seed Tags are the Future

The Canadian Seed Growers’ Association’s annual meeting took place in St. John’s, Nfld. in July, marking the first in-person CSGA gathering since 2019. President Dale Connell is about to embark on his second term, and sat down with Marc Zienkiewicz to chat about the past year of his two-year term and the CSGA’s ambitious goals to play a larger role in the Canadian seed industry.

Connell, who also owns Ontario’s Connell Farms, discusses how he manages the day-to-day operations of his business while fulfilling his demanding role as CSGA president. He attributes his success to a dedicated family, supportive staff, and the ability to delegate responsibilities effectively.

When asked about his favourite moment as president, he highlights the joy of reconnecting with people during the annual meetings. However, he also shares the most challenging moment when he faced treacherous winter conditions on a snow-covered highway.

Connell shifts focus to the association’s agenda during the his first year as president. The digital seed tag initiative stands out as the most crucial one for him, although its implementation is still in its early stages. Additionally, the Connell emphasizes the importance of talent development and bringing in new board members to ensure the association’s continuous progress.

CSGA’s recent initiatives, such as the launch of CSGA Learn, a professional development platform for seed growers, and the ongoing work on Seed Regulatory Modernization, have been vital in supporting its membership. He explains that CSGA’s ultimate goal is to bring is CSGA 2.0 vision to fruition, and initiatives like the digital seed tag project and CSGA Learn contribute significantly to achieving it.