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Express Tolerant High Oleic Added to Nuseed’s 2024 Lineup

Nuseed has added a new Express tolerant high oleic sunflower hybrid to its 2024 sunflower lineup according to a release. The success of previous products has paved the path for this new one. 

Nuseed is announcing the prelaunch of N4H490 E which adds to the high oleic sunflower lineup. The new hybrid has an advanced downy mildew gene. Jeremy Klumper, Nuseed sunflower breeder, shared that this new hybrid, high oleic Express tolerant sunflower, will allow for robustness as well. 

“We’ve brought together some really nice plant health traits, yield potential and upper end oil content on this product,” said Klumper. “N4H490 E will really add a robustness to our portfolio that will offer extra value to customers.”

Klumper added that N4H490 E can be grown from Texas to southern North Dakota and central parts of the state can also get use if the seed is planted early enough.