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Agrality Acquires Nebraska Irrigated Seeds to Expand U.S. Presence

Agrality has announced it has bought Nebraska Irrigated Seeds, a seed production company, to expand its U.S. market presence according to a release. The acquisition was made with the goal of growth and position strengthening in the U.S.

“Since 1935, we have embraced an immense amount of pride in producing high quality seeds and dependable services for the seed industry in the production sector,” said Adam Monke, president of Nebraska Irrigated Seeds. “Today, we have taken a big step forward to be the strategic partner that aligns with our clients’ expectations. By teaming up with this global corporation we now have the opportunity to expand our services within the US domestic market and beyond.”

The acquisition includes four sites consisting of an office, two ear-corn receiving, drying and shelling facilities and a multi-crop processing and conditioning site. These facilities increase Agrality’s warehousing and logistics capacity by 400,000 square feet or two million bags.

“We are committed to becoming a regional seed business supplier for the U.S. domestic market, while delivering tailor-made solutions worldwide to meet the specific needs of each customer,” said Juan Cruz Lizarralde. “This partnership will solidify our presence and growth in the domestic U.S. market, enhancing our existing capabilities, including a seed processing plant in Mendon, Michigan, as well as two experimental stations in Indiana and North Dakota.”

There’s also additional field machinery and operational capacity including six thousand acres for seed corn and 16 thousand acres for soybeans. This helps with Agrality’s geographical reach in the corn-belt in the Midwest.