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From our Desk: New Beginnings and Bold Visions

Hey there, nice to meet y’all! I’m the new editor of Seed World U.S. Though I’m new to the group, I bring with me three decades of experience in agriculture and a passion for this industry.

Stepping into this role, I see a world where innovation, science and sustainability come together. My passion for agriculture began with a simple desire to make sure people know the origins of their food. The predictable rhythm of the planting and harvest seasons has always grounded me. The challenges of weather, climate and economics keep everyone connected to our industry humble. Playing a crucial role in food production and biodiversity, the seed sector is the foundation of agriculture. Everyone eats. Being able to tell stories about the seed sector that make a meaningful impact in the world is a big responsibility, but also a great privilege.  

Seed World U.S. has a rich history of providing valuable insights, tracking trends and spotlighting innovations within the seed industry. As the new custodian of this legacy, I want to build upon its sturdy foundations and expand its horizons. Our commitment to disseminating knowledge, championing sustainable practices, and nurturing collaboration across the agricultural spectrum remains steadfast.

Aimee Nielson, Seed World U.S. Editor

In our ever-evolving seed sector, breeders are increasingly focused on developing bespoke seed varieties tailored to specific regional climates and agricultural needs. Seeds form the bedrock of our food security and hold the key to addressing many global challenges. Within this sphere, the narratives of devoted scientists, breeders, farmers and visionary entrepreneurs come alive, igniting inspiration and driving change and progress.

I’m energized by the opportunity to be a part of this dynamic industry during a period of profound transformation. Many major political, environmental and financial factors are stirring up uncertainty on a global scale. That uncertainty extends right into the seed sector. I hope to help shed light on how these big-picture factors directly affect our industry. I look forward to talking about the importance of science-based decisions, especially when it comes to things like new breeding technologies, and the crucial role of plant breeding in supporting climate resilience.

I’m also keen to discuss technology. There’s incredible technological innovation happening across the seed sector, from crop imagery advances to microbiologicals to brand new concepts like the UV light treatment we outline in Seed World December. 

In my previous role at the University of Kentucky Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, I witnessed the key role the seed industry plays in powering the nation’s largest on-campus distillery and maturation facilities that will teach the next generation of scientists and distillers. Seed genetics are the bedrock of the spirits industry, with a profound effect on regional, national and even global economics. 

I’m most interested in helping redefine the seed sector’s critical place in our local, national and global food supply systems. We’re a key piece of agriculture, but the reality is that agriculture tends to be unfortunately easy for policymakers to overlook. The seed industry needs to work consistently and effectively towards positioning itself as the cornerstone of a functional food supply system. Doing so is the key to moving key seed industry priorities forward and – yes – feeding ourselves and the world.  I’m excited to be part of that by telling the stories of the incredible people, innovations and issues that shape the seed sector and all of agriculture.

My role as an editor transcends reporting on these topics; it involves active participation in shaping the narrative. I am eager to bring to the forefront the stories of those who are redefining what it means to be a seed professional in the 21st century.

Most immediately, I am looking to building relationships with the great people within the seed sector. I hope to meet many at the ASTA Field Crop Seed Convention in Orlando in December and the IPSA Annual Conference in Indianapolis in January 2024! Please reach out with any comments, perspectives or future story ideas to

It’s an honor to partner with you,