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A Reminder of the Global Seed Industry’s Incredible Foundation

The whole team at Seed World U.S. wishes you and yours the happiest of holidays. To celebrate the season, we’re bringing you the 12 Days of Christmas, Seed World style: 12 days of some of the most important stories of the year, both from Seed World U.S. and our sister publications: Seed World Europe, Seed World Canada, and Seed World LatAm. When you need a break from family and feasting, escape to some great reading right here.   

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, Seed World brings to you: 

A Reminder of the Global Seed Industry’s Incredible Foundation

Editor’s note: The seed industry’s strength and success today are built on the shoulders of many, many great men and women who made huge and critical strides forward in genetics, technology and insight over decades. Truly, what’s achievable today in plant breeding is only possible thanks to 160+ years of bright ideas and incredible innovation. We can’t possibly highlight each person and every innovation our success today hinges upon. However, the following is an attempt to highlight a few of the most key moments in the seed industry’s history. Enjoy! 

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