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Agrality appoints Carolina Galickas as CFO

Galickas brings nearly 20 years of seed agriculture and seed sector experience to the role.

Latin American agribusiness company Agrality, which recently acquired the U.S.-based Nebraska Irrigated Seeds, announced Carolina Galickas as its new Global CFO.

 Galickas is a CPA with a master’s degree in finance from the University of CEMA (Center for Macroeconomic Studies of Argentina), in Buenos Aires.  She has a background in financial leadership, with expertise in corporate strategy, financial planning and risk management.

Photo: Agrality

“Carolina Galickas’ appointment as Agrality’s Global CFO not only highlights her exceptional leadership and financial expertise but also marks a significant step towards gender equality in our industry,” says Agrality CEO Juan Cruz Lizarralde. “As a CPA with a master’s in finance, Carolina’s dedication to continuous learning is evident. Her extensive experience spans diverse industries, from banking to agribusiness tech solutions.” 

Prior to Agrality, Galickas was the CFO and head of finance at Agree.Ag. She also served as CFO Latin America South for First Data Corporation and spent 12 years in leadership roles at Monsanto.  

“In her previous role as CFO and VP of finance at a leading Agtech firm, Carolina demonstrated outstanding capabilities in financial management, strategic planning, and product design, driving remarkable achievements, Lizarralde says. “Carolina’s appointment serves as a testament to the increasing presence of women working and leading in seed companies, marking a significant evolution within our industry. I’m confident her leadership will propel positive change within our organization and across the global seed industry.”