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Gathering information is easy, but sorting through it is tougher.

Information overload is a common complaint. If you have a computer with internet access, you can gather facts and figures, opinions and overviews from information sources located anywhere in the world. You can scroll through pages of data and read thousands of reports. But as we now realize, it’s not the quantity of information that matters, but the quality and ease of access. And who has time to spend hours searching online for tidbits of information crucial to their business?

For example, the approaching expiration of Roundup Ready soybean patents could lead farmers in the United States and Canada to plant so-called “generic” versions of RR seeds that lack approval in some markets, such as China and the European Union. What steps will be necessary to ensure North American crops still meet international requirements? This issue is being discussed by the North American seed industry as the patents’ expiration dates approach. Keeping up-to-date on this and other issues makes good business sense.

“I value my time, and I want to spend it wisely,” says Bill Romp of Becker Underwood. “Being able to go to one reliable online source to keep current on the local and international seed industries is ideal. I can get the latest news, and stay informed about important issues facing my business.”

With this in mind, communications and industry expert Shawn Brook and his team at Issues Ink offer seed industry members a cost-effective way to easily access critical business information. The publishing and communications company came up with a solution called SeedConnect, an online resource for everyone involved in the global seed industry. Through SeedConnect, readers can access digital versions of leading international seed industry magazines, and target the specific type of information they seek using a computer or mobile device. As well, SeedConnect subscribers receive a print version of their selected “home” region’s publication.

“The global seed industry is ever-changing in terms of research and technological breakthroughs, regulatory guidelines and business standards. It’s tough to stay current on all issues affecting your business,” says Brook. “SeedConnect is a unique tool specifically designed for seed industry professionals to use on a regular basis to access clean, concise, third-party information about the seed industry that they can use when making business decisions.”

Launched in 2010, SeedConnect not only contains valuable information on international seed industry developments, but also keeps subscribers connected to local seed associations, information sources and government. SeedConnect’s key partners are Seed World, the source for issues in the American seed industry; Germination, which serves the Canadian seed industry; and Seed News, which focuses on the South American seed industry.

“We are working to finalize partnerships in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia to create even more relevant information for seed industry professionals pursuing a global business path,” says Brook. Andrea Geary