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Syngenta To Close Eastern Illinois Site

This week, Syngenta officials announced that it will close its Paris, Illinois, seed corn production and distribution site, effective May 29, and consolidate activities at other sites.
Syngenta employs 24 individuals at the Paris facility and will carry eight through the shipping and distribution season to ensure that customers’ needs are met.
In a statement released to media, Syngenta reports that it is committed to delivering the highest quality products and integrated solutions to its customers. To achieve this and address its growing commercial corn business in North America, Syngenta is making changes to its seed production and supply facilities mix.
Syngenta spokesperson Pam Molitor explains that this is a business decision and is not related to the performance of the Syngenta team in Paris. “The plant manager and staff have performed at a high level, and Syngenta values the team members for their knowledge, skills and experience,” she says, noting that these employees are encouraged to apply for open positions in other company locations.
The company also acknowledged local seed growers and production contractors who have played a role in making the Paris site a successful seed production facility.