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Advanced Biological Marketing Improves Efficiency of Research

Advanced Biological Marketing Improves Efficiency of Research

DSC_8627Advanced Biological Marketing provides solutions for commercial agriculture by identifying and developing enhanced biological solutions for different kinds of crop production, not only domestically but also around the world.
One of these solutions is Marauder for Soybeans, an all-liquid soybean inoculant system designed for use in a liquid tank mix in commercial seed treatment systems.
Marauder for Soybeans features an ultra-low application rate to keep treated soybean seed flowing, as well as a planting window of up to 60 days after application to seed. It also drastically reduces seed bridging and sticking, especially when applied with seed fungicides or insecticides.
Most importantly, Marauder for Soybeans helps boost yields. It contains the same triple stack Rhizobia strain package found in ABM’s America’s Best Inoculant, which was developed by the best minds in Rhizobium genetics and is backed by research and scientifically proven test plot results.
It’s quality research like this that sets ABM apart from its competitors. Another example is the new system developed by the Van Wert, Ohio-based company to make its R&D efforts even more efficient and effective.
ABM announced in November, 2014 that it was filing a patent for Focused Microbial Diversity, its new platform for researching and developing microbials to be used in ABM’s biological products.
The FMD platform enables ABM researchers to screen a wide array of microbial strains in the lab for specific traits and characteristics that benefit the plant —without having to engage in massive field trials.
A process called Smart Selection is the method underlying the FMD platform that lets ABM select specific strains of microbes that benefit a specific crop. This technique employs genome-sequencing strategies and rapid DNA-based screening that gets results in a fraction of the time normally needed.
ABM CEO Dan Custis spoke to Seed World publisher Shawn Brook about the technique in December, 2014. “Focused Microbial Diversity … is really a high throughput, discovery platform,” he said, which enables researchers to rapidly and efficiently identify microbes that can instill such properties as increased disease, insect and drought resistance in plants.
The elite strains identified and developed through the FMD platform deliver broad spectrum benefits for a range of crops, not just in the area of stress resistances but also yield enhancement.
According to Custis, the FMD platform produces efficiencies that enable ABM to meet growers’ needs without having to invest large amounts of time and money on large field trials of products that have little or no chance of success. “There are a lot of good things that we can do without spending millions of dollars and putting out hundreds of thousands of plots just to find the right microbe. We can do that now very efficiently,” Custis said.
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