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Advanced Biological Marketing Focuses on the Farmer

Advanced Biological Marketing

Advanced Biological Marketing is a vibrant international microbial technology firm based in Van Wert, Ohio. The company, which began in 2001 and now encompasses several R&D and production facilities in the U.S. as well a new division in South Africa, is dedicated to providing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions for commercial agriculture.
Founded by growers and other agricultural experts, ABM’s focus is squarely on the farmer, both domestically and internationally, through its commitment to increasing the output and profitability of the land. Everything ABM does is in the best interest of the farmer.
This was clear when ABM CEO Dan Custis spoke to Seed World publisher Shawn Brook in December, 2014. “We have to keep the farmer in business, because without him none of us would have a job and we wouldn’t have the businesses that we have,” Custis said. “So we’re very, very appreciate [of that], and also very cognizant of keeping the farmer in business.”
ABM believes the best way to help growers is to enhance the potential and yield of their crops. The company’s extensive product line includes biological seed enhancements for corn, soybeans, wheat and many other production crops worldwide.
A number of new ABM products are formulated with Induced Gene Expression Triggers (iGET) Technology, which acts to provide multifunctional and crop specific blends of beneficial strains of Trichoderma microbials.
According to the company, iGET products are based on more than three decades of study at Cornell University and other international biological research programs, as well as an exhaustive screening/selection/discovery process and scores of independent field trials conducted around the globe.
ABM’s proprietary and patent pending biologicals enhance a plant’s genetic potential, initially colonizing the root system through seed treatment and establishing an association that induces gene expression. In this way, the entire physiology of the plant is affected, even the leaf biology.
The result is that plants treated with iGET products not only grow better, but they are better equipped to withstand crop stressors. Specifically, these products can:

  • Create bigger root systems and plant growth
  • Induce resistance to plant stresses such as disease and drought
  • Increase fertilizer and water use efficiency
  • Increase yields

ABM couples its innovative research efforts with strong production proficiency and marketing expertise. The result, according to Custis, is that, “The demand is growing for our products, and that demand is growing exponentially.”
These products include SabrEx for Corn and SabrEx for Wheat/Cereals. Both products are available in formulations for commercial seed treatments and as planter box formulations. SabrEx products utilize ABM’s iGET Technology package.
SabrEx for Corn has been tested across the U.S. Midwest under a wide variety of field and fertility conditions. The results show SabrEx for Corn creates more robust root systems, induces resistance to plant stresses like dry weather or disease, and increases water and nutrient efficiency. Yield data over a four-yield period also showed an average yield increase of 8.53 bushels per acre — a 6:1 return on investment.
SabrEx for Wheat/Cereals is specifically formulated to treat wheat seeds, rye, barley, sorghum, oats, spelt, and triticale. This product has been shown to improve resistance to crop stressors, result in larger root systems and increased tillering, more efficient use of soil nutrients, and substantial yield improvements.
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