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Vivid Life Sciences Created to Bring New Plant Physiology Technologies and Value Opportunities to Companies

Vivid Life Sciences is formed to bring new plant physiology technologies from around the world to North American farmers. The Minneapolis company’s focus is on advanced nutritionals, biologicals and enhancement technologies that increase crop yields and improve farmers’ economic returns. The technologies promise to add value to row crops, specialty crops, vegetable and fruit crops, according to the company.
“With tighter constraints and escalating populations, producing enough food will continue to be the biggest challenge growers face in the years to come,” says the Josh Krenz, chief executive officer. “Vivid Life Sciences is searching the globe and vetting technologies that can offer relevant and practical solutions to match growers’ needs in North America.”
Initially, Vivid Life Sciences is leveraging the expertise and technology from its sister company, Agrichem Australia. Since 1986, Agrichem has offered an extensive range of specialty liquid fertilizers, soluble solids, plant health formulas and adjuvants for growers in Australia and internationally. Vivid Life Sciences is actively developing partnerships with other international technology companies.
Vivid Life Sciences will license IP-protected products and technologies to agricultural partners and distributors in the U.S. and Canada. Vivid Life Sciences will conduct product research trials in North America and provide product training and support for its licensed partners.
“By bringing brighter ideas in plant performance, we’re helping our ag retail customers add life to their product portfolios and ultimately helping growers reach their potential and achieve greater yields,” says Krenz.