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Vivid Life Sciences Explores Early Field Trial Results

Early results from Vivid Life Sciences’ replicated summer field trials are showing the benefits of managing micronutrients to improve plant physiological functions and increase farmers’ return on investment, according to the company. 

Vivid Life Sciences’ research was conducted in eight key Midwestern states: Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Trials tested Vivid’s Nutriseed seed treatments in corn, soybeans and wheat. 

“Across all these crops, we’re evaluating our products for yield results and plant physiology effects,” said Josh Krenz, CEO of Vivid Life Sciences. “We believe both are hugely important. That means we’re measuring and evaluating both above ground and below ground characteristics like emergence, root size, canopy quality, vigor, stand establishment and protein levels.”

Zinc a Major Driver of Early Crop Development

Early wheat results showed promising data with the use of zinc, manganese and copper in the Nutriseed ZMC treatment. Qualitative results showed high-normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) results, which indicated high chlorophyll levels and thus healthy crops.

“Given these results, we encourage growers to consider make Nutriseed ZMC part of their seed treatment programs when planting wheat for 2016 and 2017,” said Krenz.

Soybeans also responded well to Nutriseed ZMC and Nutriseed Zn/Mo Plus. While Nutriseed ZMC has a high concentration of zinc along with manganese and copper, Nutriseed Zn/Mo Plus has lower concentrations of zinc with molybdenum and plant extracts to help boost early growth, including emergence root development and vigor. 

“From a plant physiology standpoint, it’s been proven that zinc, manganese and copper are key to early growth,” explained Krenz. “Molybdenum is also important for the plant. With the combination of these two products, a grower can see a good return on investment.”

In corn, Nutriseed Zn and Nutriseed Zn/Mo Plus trials showed similar positive early growth benefits as in soybeans. Krenz says these trial results should encourage growers to look at the importance of micronutrient management in the upcoming growing season. 

“We are seeing consistent positive effects on vigor, root development and seedling development across crops and weather conditions,” he explained. “We saw zinc shine in cold, wet soils and also saw advantages when the weather wasn’t cold.” 

Micronutrient Seed Treatments are Efficient and Effective

Through their research and product performance, Vivid Life Sciences is proving the importance of micronutrient usage in early plant development and growth. The ease of using micronutrients at the seed treatment level brings efficiency to growers’ operations from a resource management and ROI standpoint. 

Vivid Life Sciences is expanding its national research and development network of top research professionals to conduct trials in more than 10 states in 2016.