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KeyGene and Floragenex Enter Extended License Agreement

Keygene N.V. and Floragenex Inc. enter into an extended license agreement around KeyGene’s Sequence Based Genotyping (SBG) technology. The agreement enables Floragenex to extend its SBG service offerings to include ddRAD-Seq in noncommercial and academic research across all species. The agreement further cements KeyGene’s SBG technology licensing portfolio and advances Floragenex’s position as a services leader in fractional genomic sequencing applications. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
“KeyGene is very pleased to strengthen its relationship with Floragenex through this extended SBG license agreement,” says Michiel van Eijk, chief security officer for KeyGene. “Floragenex’s expertise, professionalism and impressive track record with RAD-Seq across a wide range of genomes logically fit with a broader portfolio of SBG service offerings. This will accelerate the understanding of genetic variation in plants, animals and other organisms in a highly cost-efficient manner.”
As one of the earliest companies to utilize next-gen DNA sequencing for genotyping studies, Floragenex president Rick Nipper is pleased to now offer clients additional capabilities around SBG and ddRAD-Seq. “Our genomics team looks forward to providing support for SBG projects and continuing our strong tradition of assisting the research and life sciences community.”