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New Partnership Seeks to Improve Soybeans

soybean gene

A new soybean technology joint venture will develop a portfolio of new non-genetically modified soybean varieties with a number of agronomic and product quality traits.
Brazil’s Tropical Melhoramento e Genética Ltda. (TMG) will collaborate with Verdeca LLC, a venture between California’s Arcadia Biosciences and Brazil-based Bioceres. The collaboration will use Verdeca’s proprietary soybean genetic diversity library and Arcadia’s high-throughput screening platform to identify and develop specific genetic variations that affect crop productivity and soybean oil and meal composition.
The Verdeca soybean genetic diversity library is an extensive and exclusive resource of soybean plants with high-density variations in genetic composition and gene function. In combination with Arcadia’s proprietary high-throughput genetic screening platform, the library enables rapid identification of plants with functional differences in single or multiple target genes.
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