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Dow Seeks to Speed Development of Microbial Products

Through a new licensing agreement with Synthace, Dow AgroSciences LLC hopes to speed the process at which it can deliver microbial solutions to the market.
The agreement includes a multi-seat enterprise license, giving Dow AgroSciences access to Synthace’s Antha software tools, which will be used to support the development of microbial production strains.
“Antha is a platform that links research, development and biomanufacturing,” explains Tim Fell, Synthace CEO. “We look forward to employing it with Dow AgroSciences to optimize tools and processes that enable them to continue to boost bottom-line performance.”
According to Dow AgroScience, this collaboration supports its ability to use the power of nature, in conjunction with fermentation technology, to produce and develop solutions for farmers. These types of products prevent pest infestation and control disease to increase crop yields.
By applying automated strain engineering, researchers can speed the development of new microbial production hosts in the lab, which also expedites the development of fermentation processes for new products.
“It is important for Dow AgroSciences to bring new products to farmers faster and this collaboration on strain engineering will accelerate our ability to create novel microbial production strains,” adds Nigel Mouncey, Dow AgroSciences bioengineering and bioprocessing research and development director.