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Nufarm Realigns with Plans to Expand Its Footprint

As part of its “One Nufarm” strategy, Nufarm realigns and unites resources to enhance its broad seed treatment portfolio in North America. The Nufarm seed treatment and crop protection teams will join forces to expand their footprint with distribution and seed company partners.

”Nufarm will utilize a specialized team of seed treatment experts to supplement its broader crop protection sales team and multiply its efforts in the field,” explains Tim Birkel, Nufarm vice president of seed treatment.

Also Nufarm recently opened doors to its new seed treatment formulations lab in Alsip, Illinois. The formulations lab will stand alongside Nufarm’s manufacturing facility, which was constructed in 2012. Led by seed treatment formulations chemist Mark Zhen, Nufarm scientists will work toward delivering industry-leading formulations for its customers.

During the past 10 years, Nufarm has invested in an array of technical and unique end-use seed treatment registrations, building the foundation for a strong and vibrant business segment. Today Nufarm has a broad portfolio of necessary single active ingredient seed treatment formulations, as well as proprietary combination products needed for down-stream seed treatment of cereals and soybeans.

Already six new seed treatment brands are slated for launch in time for the 2017 treatment season. The new products include the introduction of the Spirato lineup of registered custom blend soybean seed treatments, two more unique Sativa cereal combination products, and the introduction of the Salient brand of difenoconazole fungicide.

The new lab facility also offers the opportunity for customers to design their own “fixed” custom blends of seed treatments using Nufarm’s lineup of active ingredients.

“Nufarm will continue to innovate and bring unique customer-focused solutions to market,” adds Andrew Seitz, Nufarm Americas vice president of customer brand and marketing. “Bringing the seed treatment and crop production sides together was the next crucial step the company needed to take to create ‘One Nufarm’ and better serve our customers.”