Seed World

Top 10 of 2011

1. The Mice Become Mightier
The world’s biggest seed companies are busy partnering with an increasing number of small and mid-size trait developers—how will it affect the industry in coming years?

2.The Native Seed Industry: Not for the Faint-Hearted
This niche market had a profitable and relatively stable year, but its future is in question as the government dishes out a new federal budget and farm bill.

3. Seed Royalty Collection Around the World
The International Seed Federation is looking at the effectiveness of seed royalty collection systems on a global scale.

4. Organic Seed Industry at a Crossroads
Increased organic seed production in the United States may require changes to national organic certification regulations.

5. Tomato Breeding Takes Off
2011 has been declared the Year of the Tomato by the National Garden Bureau and for good reason—recent developments in tomato breeding are putting this valuable fruit into the spotlight.

6. The Trait Equation
How many traits are enough? In order to sell stacked traits, seed companies need to know what combination of multiple modes of control provide the best value.

7. The Rise of Seed Treatments
The global seed treatment market will continue to grow as more growers consider it a cost-effective method to protect their increasingly valuable seed.

8. Watch the Channel
The seed industry has grown accustomed to feisty competition among trait providers, but now they are about to see more fierce competition in the ag-retail sector.

9. A Seed Brokerage Success Story
Seed brokerage company Thurston Inc. celebrates 30 years in the business and its success stems from two simple things—great employees and great relationships with customers.

10. The Second Siege
The Global Crop Diversity Trust is campaigning to save a forage, fruit and berry seedbank near St. Petersburg Russia from real estate developers.