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ABM Files Patent On Microbial Research Technique

Advanced Biological Marketing has filed a patent on Focused Microbial Diversity (FMD) ― a technique to research and develop microbials that will be used in ABM products.
“The FMD platform allows ABM to screen a wide array of microbial strains in the lab for specific traits and characteristics that benefit the plant without engaging in massive field trials,” says Dan Custis, CEO of ABM.
ABM uses genomic technologies and high throughput phenotyping to identify elite strains for its FMD platform. Genes and gene sequences are identified that are predictive of exceptional performance in the field and used to assemble strain consortia providing broad spectrum benefits such as yield increases and resistance to stressors. Using these techniques, Custis explains that only strains with promising genetics get taken to the field.
For more information, read ABM’s news release.