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Sorghum Partners Offers Aphid Tolerant Hybrids

Sorghum Partners, a Chromatin Inc. brand, has announced that several of its hybrid sorghum products have demonstrated tolerance against sugarcane aphids.
A third-party evaluation conducted by the Agricultural Research Service division of the USDA verified that several Sorghum Partners brand sorghum hybrids exhibit strong tolerance to the sugarcane aphid pest. The use of SP6929, KS310, NK5418 and K73-J6 hybrids as part of an integrated pest management program can effectively reduce the impact of a sugarcane aphid infestation.
“We are excited to offer our high-quality, sugarcane aphid tolerant hybrids to our customers,” says Mike Battin, Chromatin’s director of national sales. “Independent testing has confirmed that several of our hybrids demonstrated a high level of tolerance to this new pest which allows our growers to continue to enjoy the benefits of sorghum as part of their crop rotation.”