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Polish Seed Trade Association Strengthens ESTA Position

The European Seed Association’s quality assurance scheme for seed treatment and treated seed, known as the European Seed Treatment Assurance or ESTA, continues expanding its position as a true EU standard with a fifth national agent.
The Polish Seed Trade Association (PIN) is now accredited to carry out ESTA in Poland, making it the first national agent in Eastern Europe and strengthening the promotion of the scheme in the region.
ESTA combines a number of elements to guarantee professional, high quality seed treatment applications such as independent certification of treatment sites by accredited auditors, defined quality reference values with a uniform testing protocol, and safe use information and respective labeling for users.
Following Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain, Poland is the fifth European seed country establishing a specific national platform for the promotion and management of the European Seed Treatment Assurance.
“With PIN as new national agent for our ESTA scheme, we have won a very strong partner to promote and implement the European Seed Treatment Assurance scheme in Poland,” says Garlich von Essen, ESA secretary general. “With its broad seed sector membership and excellent contacts to the relevant administrations, we are convinced that PIN will play an important role in the successful roll-out of ESTA certification in this important seed country.”
As a member of ESA, PIN brings together and represents the breeding and seed companies in Poland. The goal of PIN is to create the best possible conditions for the development of the seed industry, and to ensure a constant supply to farmers of high quality seed, and better varieties.  Any seed treatment plant in Poland that wishes to apply for the ESTA certification should contact PIN directly.