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Scientists Find New Specific Insecticide Target Protein

Scientists from BASF Crop Protection and the University of Göttingen in Germany have found a new insecticide target protein.
The discovery marks the first identification of vanilloid receptors, the TRPV ion channels (transient receptor potential vanilloid), as insecticide targets. The results, published in the scientific journal Neuron, could help to better manage insecticide resistance and have implications for research and insecticide usage.
In their study, the scientists focused on the mode of action of the insecticides pymetrozine and pyrifluquinanzon. They identified a novel TRPV ion channel complex as the target protein of the two substances. In insects, two TRPV channels exist, which occur together in certain stretch receptors that are present in joints, for example in the antennae and legs.
By knowing the exact target of pymetrozine and pyrifluquinazon, the industry can now provide better advice on spray programs to farmers.
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