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Research Finds Mechanism of Herbicide Resistance

Australian researchers have identified the mechanism behind the resistance of the cereal weed bromegrass to the widely-used herbicide glyphosate.
Published online in the journal Pest Management Science, University of Adelaide researchers report that it is the first weed species in Australia to show this mechanism of resistance.
“Great brome (Bromus diandrus) is a significant weed of both crops and pastures across the southern and western Australian cereal belts, causing contamination, yield reductions and damage to meat and livestock,” says Jenna Malone, a post-doctoral researcher from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University’s Waite campus.
The researchers continue their genetic investigation of bromegrass to see how gene amplification occurs and how it is controlled.
“If we can discover answers for this, we will have much better knowledge of how the genome of weeds and other plant species can rapidly adapt under stress,” Malone says.
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