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Foundation Seeks to Raise Money for Drought Documentary

Thirsty Land,” a new documentary that sets out to tell the story of drought, its impact on agriculture, communities and the global food supply is receiving support through a fiscal sponsorship from the AgChat Foundation. This allows the filmmaker to receive grants and other tax-deductible donations for the film project. “The story of drought needs to be told,” says the filmmaker, Conrad Weaver, who is also responsible for the award-winning documentary “The Great American Wheat Harvest.”
“Our global food supply and our very survival of humans depends on clean, abundant fresh water,” Weaver explains. “I
want to make the audience think about it every time they take a drink of water, enjoy a shower or water their lawn.”
According to Jenny Schweigert, AgChat Foundation executive director, the foundation’s goals are two-fold: to empower those in agriculture with the tools they need to develop meaningful conversations with consumers and to provide a conduit for our industry to connect with those who are not involved in farming or ranching.
Weaver is launching a fundraising campaign for the new documentary through with a goal of raising $25,000 to help with the production of the film.