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Flood of Research Data Offers Opportunities for New Insights

New DNA sequences, the results of thousands of trials in fields and glasshouses worldwide, three-dimensional images of plants — the flood of data produced by research and development is currently growing faster than the methods available for analyzing it. How can these data be captured, structured, made accessible and then examined in a way that will facilitate new findings?
This question was at the heart of the two-day Computational Life Science (CLS) conference held by Bayer CropScience in Monheim and attended by internal and external experts as well as colleagues from Bayer HealthCare and Bayer Technology Services.
“Bayer CropScience has clearly recognized the data challenge. As we look for integrated solutions across our technologies, we see CLS as one major element to create those inter-disciplinary cross-links,” says Adrian Percy, head of research & development at Bayer CropScience.
Some 85 scientists in the Computational Life Science group are currently examining this issue. The researchers hope to obtain new findings on subjects such as the development of resistances and starting points for new, safe active ingredients or for the development of new plant traits.
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