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First Step in Seed Enhancement in the Stevia Seed Market

Seed enhancement company Incotec introduces its first seed technology for stevia seeds. The stevia plant is grown for its leaves, which are used for making a natural zero-calorie sweetener. Incotec’s new product not only increases the germination capacity of the seeds, but also improves grower’s production efficiency.
Although Incotec has a broad portfolio of seed technologies for the enhancement of seed performance and yield, this is their first product for stevia and they have indicated interest in developing other technologies for optimizing stevia production. Stevia is a relatively new market and the demand for increased production in Europe is rapidly growing.
“This breakthrough is good news for stevia growers and only the first step. Incotec has several other solutions that could be developed for stevia, and with feedback from the producers we can work together to get the most out of every harvest,” says Alexander van der Heiden, Incotec’s global commercial manager, vegetables.