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Management Course for Plant Breeders Scheduled for September

Program Management for Plant Breeders (PMPB) is a short course offered since 2013 and extremely well received by the plant breeding community.  The participants and their employers provided very positive feedback and testimonials.
The 2016 PMPB will be held in Davis, CA, September 20-22, 2016.  The course is now open for registration.
The course objective is to enhance the management skills of professional scientists who are leading and directing plant breeding and laboratory programs in modern agricultural research and development programs of agribusiness companies and the public sector.  Some of the topics include:

  • Understanding where your plant breeding or research program fits in the overall strategy of the organization. Establishing a vision and goal for your program and defining your key strategies and capacities.
  • Comprehending the financial aspects of your program. Managing budgets, expenses, capital projects and period reporting. Reading and understanding a financial statement and managing your resources within the goals of your organization.
  • Leading and managing people towards a common goal. Learning the principles of effective hiring, retention, evaluation, promotion, training, mentorship and motivation. Handling difficult situations using conflict resolution. Dealing with and embracing change and creating a culture of innovation.
  • Creating effective and efficient programs. Understanding the principles of work flow, scheduling, safety, and legal compliance. Learning issues surrounding intellectual property and contracts, treaties and agreements.

The format includes interactive delivery with lectures and problem solving.  The curriculum and material was developed specifically for this course.  Lead instructors include industry experts: Fred Bliss, Tom Francis and Rale Gjuric.
For questions or additional information, please contact Sally Mohr at or at 530-752-5775, or visit