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TerraMax Formulates Inoculant, Extending Shelflife to Eight Months


In search of ways to keep multiple strains of bacteria  alive longer across multiple environments, TerraMax scientists found a unique formulation, doubling the standard soybean inoculant lifespan to 240 days.

“We started with an idea and collaborated to figure out how to make it possible,” shares Doug Kremer, TerraMax CEO. “By stabilizing the microbial mixture we’re able to give the inoculant more staying power, creating a new system that extends the inoculant’s lifespan and allows for more convenient storage options.”

Kremer’s team was able to stabilize the formulation and keep the bacteria active longer than what was perceived possible by the industry.

The expanded lifespan allows the inoculant to be applied earlier in the process, giving applicators more flexibility in their treatment practices. Soybeans treated in December can deliver peak performance when planted through July. According to information from Direct Enterprises, trials from more than 40 locations show N-Force increased soybean yields by 2.4 bushels per acre when used alone and up to 4.2 bushels per acre when combined with N-Hibit Made EZ.

N-Force is packaged in a 15 gallon, ready-to-use keg that eliminates the hassle of on-site mixing with separate bladders of additives or extenders. The keg works in conjunction with a direct injection system for precise applications, less tacky beans and better flowability. N-Force is also available in a 2.5 gallon container, both options have a sealed two-year lifespan and 18 months of viability once opened.

N-Force and the direct injection system are available from Direct Enterprises/TH Equipment.