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Intego Solo Seed Treatment Receives Emergency Registration

Intego Solo — an ethaboxam-based Group 22 fungicide registered for pythium control and the suppression of seed rot — was given emergency registration for field peas to protect against Aphanomyces in Western Canada._x000D_
Aphanomyces was found in an estimated 60 per cent of pea fields in Alberta and 65 per cent of fields in Saskatchewan in 2014. Until the emergency use registration of Intego Solo, growers across Western Canada have had no control method available other than removing pulse crops from their rotation. With this emergency use registration, Intego Solo can now be used on field peas in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in addition to the previous Canada-wide registration for lentils, chickpeas, dry beans and soybeans._x000D_
The seed treatment is available for commercial seed treaters with closed transfer systems and for on-farm treatment. The emergency use registration for field peas ends on March 19, 2016._x000D_
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