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Supreme Court Upholds Wheat Marketing Freedom

The Supreme Court of Canada rejected the leave application to continue with the class action lawsuit brought by the Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board against the federal government for removing the single-desk monopoly of the CWB._x000D_
This decision upheld the previous decisions of the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal which ruled in favour of the government and awarded costs to the Crown._x000D_
Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada once again upholds Western Canadian farmers’ right to marketing freedom. “The overwhelming majority of farmers have embraced the new economic opportunities created by marketing freedom and are taking Canadian agriculture to record heights,” Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said in a statement._x000D_
“Marketing freedom is and will remain the law of the land. Our government will continue to defend the rights of farmers and will continue to work with farmers to create economic opportunities across the sector.”