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Status China: Officials Say GMOs are Safe

Through its website the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture issued a statement saying that all certified genetically modified foods that are sold on the Chinese market are safe._x000D_
China has established a safety supervision system that covers the complete chain of GM products, including research, production and trading, according to the ministry._x000D_
The ministry will work with other departments to improve legislation of GM products and testing of technologies to ensure their safety, the ministry said in a reply to a March proposal by 10 members of China’s top political advisory body on the improved safety management of GM foods. The reply, posted on the ministry’s website, said that China and other countries have done much research on the safety of GM foods that proved certified GM foods are as safe as traditional foods._x000D_
“Internationally, there is a conclusion on the safety of GM foods, that is, that all GM foods that have passed safety evaluation and been certified are safe,” reported the ministry. The reply added, “The conclusion by the World Health Organization is that no health damage has been seen in any people worldwide who have consumed GM foods that have been approved by authorities.”_x000D_
Producers for the Chinese market are obliged to label any product that contains elements of GM soybeans, rapeseed, corn, cotton or tomato — the five major types of GM products in China, according to a regulation issued by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2002._x000D_
“The Chinese food and drug authorities will improve supervision of labeling of GM foods, and those GM food producers who fail to label their products will be punished,” according to the online statement. Source: Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China.