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New Dow Seeds Corn Hybrids Announced

Dow AgroSciences announced today it is offering Canadian farmers 25 new corn hybrids as part of its Dow Seeds 2018 spring planting lineup with market-leading advances that continue to bring proven and innovative seed technology to Canadian farms.

“These new hybrids take performance to a new level and are a valuable addition to our customer’s crop plan,” said Bill Webster, Corn Product Manager with Dow Seeds Canada. “Our customers can see these new hybrids at work in our 2017 corn plot program.”

Enlist corn will be available for the first time for the 2018 growing season as part of both SmartStax Enlist and PowerCore Enlist hybrids, offering an industry-leading package of agronomic excellence, weed control and insect protection, according to the company. Enlist Duo herbicide provides control of hard-to-control and resistant weeds, with near-zero volatility.

PowerCore, a new insect control trait for corn from Dow AgroSciences, provides superior control of aboveground insect pests in corn. Unleashing three different Bt proteins, PowerCore provides multiple modes of action for season-long control of European corn borer, black cutworm, fall armyworm, southwestern corn borer and corn earworm. Multi-modes of action also means PowerCore hybrids only require 5 per cent refuge, now delivered through the most elite genetics available in Dow Seeds corn products, the company added.