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Cereals Canada Likes the New TPP Agreement

In a just-released statement, Cereals Canada thanks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Minister François-Philippe Champagne for their announcement today on the conclusion of negotiations for the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP).

Cereals Canada views this agreement as a necessary development for agriculture.

“This agreement is the best opportunity available to improve export competitiveness, growth and diversification for the Canadian cereals sector”, stated Cam Dahl, President.

An improved trade environment will allow Canadian farmers and exporters to benefit from stronger access. This includes reduced tariffs and a more predictable trading environment.

TPP-11 countries already account for roughly 20 per cent of Canada’s wheat exports.

As a result of this agreement, Cereals Canada expects to see additional growth in existing markets like Japan as well as development in emerging customers throughout all of Asia (e.g. Vietnam).

Dahl, noted that, “Cereals Canada views CPTPP as Canada’s best option to unlock immediate gains and new opportunities for trade into the Asia-Pacific region.

Dahl continued: “Several countries have already expressed interest in joining the CPTPP. The prospects for continued expansion are substantial, and will allow Canadian farmers and exporters to first in line to serve the needs of the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region.”

Cereals Canada looks forward to the agreement being formally signed by national leaders in March 2018, and introduction, this spring, of Canadian ratification legislation.