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The Forage Seed Sector is Making Society Better

Lloyd Dyck is owner of BrettYoung Seeds.

Every facet of the seed industry represents different things to different people. We look at what the forage sector means to six people who love it. First up is…

Lloyd Dyck. For him, seed is a family affair. His father Peter purchased BrettYoung Seeds in 1967, and Lloyd himself has been involved in the business for over four decades. In March, it was recognized for overall business performance and sustained growth with Canada’s Best Managed Companies designation. Dyck himself won the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the Prairie Business-to- Business Products and Services category in 2017.

The family’s passion for seed hasn’t just benefited the forage sector and growers — Dyck and BrettYoung are using their influence in business to help benefit society in another important way.

Work for the Good of All

In October 2018, the Dyck family made a $300,000 donation to a joint research project between St. Boniface Hospital and Israel’s Ben-Gurion University to better classify autism spectrum disorder. The donation was made through the Kali Dyck Foundation, formed by the Dyck family in honour of their daughter Kali, who died in a car accident in 2011 at the age of 26. Dyck’s oldest son Chad lives with autism. BrettYoung also has a formal social giving policy to ensure the company works to better society at large. “Giving back is important. I’m very proud of what we’ve done. We’re looking to support more of that type of research.”