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Realizing Seed Regulatory Modernization Just One of Many Goals Seed Analysts Have for the Future

Editor’s note: The column was written prior to today’s announcement of the Seeds Canada merger vote results.

As long-time members and friends of the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada (CSAAC), our choice to sit on the inaugural board of Seeds Canada is both a show of excitement and commitment to what we feel is the future of seed analysis in Canada and also an occasion to recognize CSAAC’s proud past.

Being a CSAAC member is valuable to all analysts and their clients, as it affords countless opportunities to further skills and keep abreast of the latest changes affecting analysts and their clients.

One thing is clear, as proposed: CSAAC members have a home within the new Seeds Canada structure. Seeds Canada has a Seed Testing & Quality Assurance Committee built into its structure. Composed of individuals experienced in seed testing and quality assurance, the committee will identify, discuss and make recommendations on seed testing issues, continuing education and other matters.

Along with Seeds Canada staff, the committee is designed to foster an ongoing relationship with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and its Seed Section and Seed Science & Technology Section (SSTS) to discuss the rules and procedures for analysts, laboratory accreditation, proficiency testing, Methods and Procedures for Testing Seed, and other matters as they may arise.

We value our relationship with CFIA, and this will allow us to continue to work closely with them in the event the merger is approved.

As noted in the ratification package emailed out to members, the committee is intended to provide guidance to Seeds Canada on seed testing and quality assurance matters. This will ensure we have direct input and influence on anything affecting the seed testing arena.

Throughout the Seed Synergy process, CSAAC has been able to educate others on the role analysts play in the value chain and has been able to raise awareness in the industry of all that we do. Analysts are the key link between seed production and pedigreed seed labelling prior to sale.

“One thing is clear, as proposed: CSAAC members have a home within the new Seeds Canada structure.”

The committee will provide a direct link for seed testing members to raise concerns and ensure clarification on testing issues and matters concerning rules and regulations affecting seed testing and quality assurance.

As well, the committee will provide feedback to Seeds Canada professional development staff on areas of focus for training development. To accomplish this, it is proposed that the committee would be able to establish sub-committees, task forces, and working groups as needs arise.

As designed, the committee will continue to provide oversight of Seeds Canada’s Seed Analyst Seal Program, ensuring this part of what has always been a CSAAC program remains fully intact and strengthened.

This Seal assures clients that the analyst signing their Report of Analysis is an Accredited Analyst and a Seeds Canada member and has adhered to strict continuing professional development training in seed testing.

What’s also really exciting is that Seed Testing & Quality Assurance Committee members will actively support Seeds Canada’s work towards realizing seed regulatory modernization.

CSAAC members voted in favour of the Seeds Canada merger proposal on Aug. 12.

Stay tuned to this space for more information on what the future holds as things progress!
—Holly Gelech and Dianne Gilhuly are candidates for the proposed Seeds Canada inaugural board of directors