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Bayer Announces New 5-Way Herbicide and Short Stature Corn Technology

Bayer today announced pipeline project advancements and newly unveiled research in a dedicated research and development (R&D) pipeline update for the Crop Science division.

The company says it has developed the first five-way stack of herbicide tolerance for soybeans. Currently in Phase 3 of development, this trait offering adds to XtendFlex’s three tolerances with another two modes of action; tolerance to HPPD and its own proprietary 2,4-D tolerance.

In Phase 2 of the pipeline there is an additional mode-of-action coming to convey PPO herbicide tolerance. Additionally, the third generation of insect control in soybeans will further enhance the Intacta franchise and help farmers continue to increase yields while reducing the use of insecticides.

Bayer also said its short stature corn is expected to transform corn production by enabling a new production system that allows more precise use of crop protection as well as the potential to optimize the use of key resources such as nitrogen, land and water.

Short stature corn improves standability, including better green snap and stalk lodging tolerance, to help reduce significant crop loss from challenging environmental conditions and extreme weather including high winds. Short stature corn is a win for farmers, sustainability and food security at the same time.

Bayer’s development of three approaches to short stature corn will help enable global market access, the company said. In Phase 3 development are two approaches, advanced breeding and biotechnology. Advanced breeding is working to introgress naturally occurring short stature characteristics into elite germplasm.

Bayer is collaborating with BASF on a biotech approach to shorten internodes which enables applicability across a wide array of germplasm. With gene editing, Bayer is developing multiple approaches to generate short stature corn, creating potential for opportunities in multiple markets, the company added. Leveraging all three approaches to short stature corn, Bayer anticipates the product concept could have a fit on more than 220 million global acres in the coming years.