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CSGA is Replacing the Salmon-Coloured Form

Doug Miller

Doug Miller
CSGA Executive Director

CSGA is launching its new digital crop certificate, with many new benefits compared to our old salmon-coloured paper printed certificates.

The digital certificates have a modern, streamlined look and will be generated within CSGA’s SeedCert platform, where users can manage their certificates directly. For those of you who prefer a paper version, don’t worry — you will be able to print a copy for yourself, even on salmon-coloured paper if you want.

The new digital certificate will improve processes for seed growers and third parties in several ways, including:

  • Streamlining a laborious paper process
  • Reducing the risk of transcription errors
  • Easy electronic shareability
  • The ability to store all your certification-related documents in one spot (germination reports, certificates of analysis, etc.)
  • Enhancing traceability and verification via scanning a secure QR code that automatically displays all certificate updates and validates the certificate
  • Providing clarity to the certification process
  • Increasing overall integrity of the seed system with more accurate data, audit log and new security features

Digital certificates will launch alongside the integration of the Members’ Area with the new, mobile-friendly SeedCert platform. This is a significant move towards implementing the single-window approach CSGA is currently working on. SeedCert also offers the possibility of connecting to other third-party platforms such as integrations with Registered Seed Establishments (RSEs), further reducing administrative burden and red tape.

This is an exciting next step in the evolution of the digitalization of CSGA. If you look at our existing seed crop certification process, you’ll see that we’ve really worked hard over the last number of years to make the whole process digital, from application to inspections. Seed crop certificates were the only remaining process that wasn’t digital. The digital certificate closes that gap and allows CSGA to offer a digital end-to-end seed crop certification system.

Once CSGA issues a crop certificate, instead of waiting for it to be printed off, the certificate will be made available in near real-time — delivered to market and customers much faster.

Perhaps most importantly, this is a building block for future growth. We have the framework in place to start integrating items like voluntary, digital pedigreed seed declarations and seed grading reports where data is entered once and carried forward in one system.

Let me be clear: this is not an inventory tracking system. I cannot stress that enough. This is about CSGA offering a new digital service that provides value to our members and stakeholders. Right now, a seed company is dealing with one sheet of salmon-coloured paper per variety or class assigned to them. That is not efficient business. This digital system simply makes things a lot easier for everyone involved.

Watch for “How to Use” video demonstrations and other communications later this summer on our website