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Alberta Wheat Passes Resolution for Vote on Alberta Barley Merger

Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) members will vote on the potential merger with Alberta Barley after a resolution was passed at its annual general meeting (AGM) on Jan. 26, a news release says. Alberta Barley members passed a similar resolution at their AGM in December.

With the resolutions, farmers of both commissions will now vote in a plebiscite on whether to amalgamate. The two producer organizations started consultations on a possible merger in June 2021. Since 2018 the commissions have operated under one management team with two separate boards and financial structures. In 2019 at the commissions’ AGMs, the groups passed resolutions to complete comprehensive reviews on a potential merger.

AWC also selected a new board executive at their meeting, the release notes. The new executive includes Chair Greg Sears, Jason Lenz as vice-chair and Shawn Jacula as second vice-chair. Sears served as second-vice chair previously and replaces Todd Hames in the chair role. Hames remains on the board of directors and is chair of Cereals Canada.

“I appreciate the board’s vote of confidence and support in me serving in this new capacity,” Greg Sears who farms near Sexsmith, Alta. says in the release. “AWC will continue its critical work to ensure Alberta farmers are both agronomically resilient and financially durable by advancing sound policy and supportive business risk management programs.”

The board also welcomed three new directors including Jason Craig, who farms near Delburne, Alta., David Bishop, who farms near Barons, Alta, and Devin Hartzler, who farms near Carstairs, Alta. They replace Trevor Petersen, Janine Paly and Hannah Konschuh.

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