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Molecular Test for Phytophthora Root Rot Variant Detection, AYOS Technologies


Phytophthora root rot is one of the most prevalent diseases affecting soybean crops. In North America alone, it causes annual yield losses of nearly $500 million. The use of resistant soybean varieties is recognized as the most effective method of combating this disease. However, new variants of the pathogen can rapidly overcome resistance genes, so it’s essential to know which variety to choose, based on a precise knowledge of the variants present in a given field.

From a simple field sample, the AYOS molecular test uses genetic markers to identify quickly and precisely which variants (pathotypes) of Phytophthora root rot are present in a growers field, so that proper resistant varieties can be used in the following year to fight the disease.

This choice of a resistant variety will allow a producer cultivating 200 ha of soybeans to avoid yield losses averaging $30,000 each year. The technology will further eliminate the dependence on chemicals used in seed treatment as selection of the proper resistant variety will protect the plant from the seedling stage to full maturity.