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Alberta, B.C. Seed Grower Amalgamation Now Official

The amalgamation of the Alberta Seed Growers and the British Columbia Seed Growers is now official, a June 22 news release said. The new organization’s title is the Alberta-British Columbia Seed Growers (ABCSG).

“We are excited to be under one umbrella with the British Columbia Seed Growers,” Tracy Niemela, ABCSG president said in the release. “We want to ensure that seed growers in British Columbia have the same level of recognition and promotion for their pedigreed seed as growers across the country.”

The release noted both Alberta and B.C. are critical players in Canada’s seed industry, and as a united association ABCSG will continue to provide marketing opportunities and advocacy for members locally, regionally, and nationally. The process started over a year and a half ago, with members in both associations later voting to amalgamate their memberships. The new group represents nearly 720 seed growers across western Canada.

“The two organizations have long shared the same goals and marketing opportunities,” Niemela said. “It was time to make it official and become one organization. This expansion opens the door for more robust information sharing and advocacy for our furthest west, pedigreed seed producers.”

More information about the new group can be found on their website.